Watch the Videos to Learn Why Our Finalists Need a New Roof

Barbara Cintron

Barbara’s insurance dropped her in 2016. She applied for FEMA assistance after Hurricane Irma but was denied. She cannot afford monthly payments for a loan. Ms. Cintron is on disability, is battling stage 4 cancer and had to pay her mother’s funeral expenses when she passed away recently.

Her roof is not only leaking from hurricane damage, but it also has termite damage.

Daniel White

Hurricane Irma damages Daniel’s roof but his insurance company denied the claim. He wants to work, but can’t because of a severe injury he sustained, for which he needed 20 surgeries and resulted in the loss of a toe and the reconstruction of an ankle.

His roof has severely-rotted-through shingles, rusted caps and nails as well as loose shingles. The only thing that prevents it from leaking is a FEMA-issued blue tarp.

Lydia Ramirez

Lydia is a retired, elderly cancer survivor who lives on a low fixed income. Her roof was replaced after hurricane Andrew in the early 90s, but it has been leaking for some time now and she can’t afford insurance or the needed repairs.

Her roof shingles have been deteriorating to the point that they have wasted away to the fiberglass and offer very little protection from the elements.

2019 Nomination Requirements

2,500 Square Feet And Under

Homeowner 25+ Years Of Age

Primary Residence

Proof of Hardship

Property Taxes/Mortgage Current

Why are we doing what we do?

Raise the Roof, formerly The Gingerbread Project, began when City Roofing started going out to inspect roofs for families who couldn’t pay or qualify for financing. In those moments, owners Mario and Candy Famada knew that they could make a difference. The initial concept was to provide one new roof annually during the holiday season, hence the name The Gingerbread House Project, but after three successful years, Mario and Candy decided they wanted to expand their charity services to be year round without limitations, and changed the name to Raise the Roof.

Raise the Roof’s mission is to provide a household with a quality roof, so homeowners can focus on what matters most…their family!

Get Involved

Helping Others

“Charity starts at home.” We took that saying to heart and decided to help others here in Miami-Dade County because there are families all over the county unable to repair or replace their roof when they see an issue due the financial stress they are under.

Volunteer With Us

There’s no better feeling than knowing that you’re helping someone in need. Volunteering with us is not only doing just that, but you’ll also have a great time!

Making Donations

Raise The Roof is funded by local businesses who enjoy giving as much as we do. If you’d like to donate to help fund a roof for someone who can’t afford to buy their own, click here.

Spread The Word

We would love for everyone in Miami-Dade County to get involved with Raise The Roof, making homes safer for families. We need you to spread the word, get it out there so anyone in need can enter our contest. You never know who you’d be helping.

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