Who We Are

Raise the Roof, a non-profit organization, was founded by City Roofing to help families in need. Company owners, Candy and Mario Famada, recognized the strain that having a burden like health issues or low income can have on families, especially homeowners.

Since 2015, City Roofing, through Raise the Roof and with the support of select local sponsors, have provided a FREE roof in Miami-Dade County to one family with such burdens that are in immediate need of a roof replacement.

“It is our goal to alleviate the pressure that your family has been under, providing peace of mind regarding what’s over your home so that you can focus on what’s in your home and most precious – Your Family.”

Our Team

These are the people working behind the scenes to make the magic happen

Mario Famada, City Roofing, Inc.
"I got involved in The Gingerbread House Project because I believe that I've been blessed and I feel that we can help a family by giving them what we do best."
Candy Caboverde, City Roofing, Inc.
"We like helping our community, helping families and giving back. We figured Christmas would be a great time because a lot of people are stressed around the holidays..."
Jackie Espinosa, City Roofing, Inc.
"I love working on The Gingerbread House Project's events because it is always more blessed to give than it is to receive and God loves a cheerful giver."